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Say Thank You to Legislators Who Voted to Protect Abortion Access in NM

Thank youLast week, 40 Democrats voted YES to protect protect reproductive healthcare and said they trust women to make their own decisions about seeking compassionate abortion care!

Send them your personal THANK YOU for voting to protect access to quality, compassionate abortion care.
Thank you: Speaker Egolf, Maj. Leader Williams Stapleton, Rep. Akhil, Rep. Alcon, Rep. D. Armstrong, Rep. Bash, Rep. Cadena, Rep. Chandler, Rep. Chasey, Rep. Ely, Rep. Ferrary, Rep. Figueroa, Rep. Doreen Gallegos, Rep. H. Garcia, Rep. M.P. Garcia, Rep. Garratt, Rep. Gonzales, Rep. Herera, Rep. Hochman, Rep. Lara, Rep. Lente, Rep. Louis, Rep. Madrid, Rep. Maestas, Rep. J. Martinez, Rep. R. Martinez, Rep. McQueen, Rep. Pratt, Rep. A. Romero, Rep. G.A. Romero, Rep. Rubio, Rep. Salazar, Rep. Sariñana, Rep. Small, Rep. Stansbury, Rep. Thomson, Rep. C. Trujillo, Rep. J. Trujillo, Rep. L. Trujillo


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