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    DistrictCommissionerTook Office/Term Expires
    1 (Alb) Karen Montoya (D) 2013 2017
    2 (SE N.M.) Patrick Lyons (R) 2011 2014
    3 (N/NE N.M.) Valerie Espinoza (D) 2013 2017
    4 (NW N.M.) Theresa Becenti-Aguilar (D) 2010 2014
    5 (SW N.M.) Ben Hall (R) 2011 2014

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    No more mustache rides.  That’s the message from New Mexico’s Public Regulation Commission to Lyft this week.


    Lyft, the innovative phone app that connects drivers with free seats to riders with tired feet, popped-up in Albuquerque a few weeks back to much acclaim.   ‘Burquenos love seeing the pink-mustache clad cars driving around town but it appears their ride ended sooner than expected.

    On Wednesday, May 21, the Public Regulation Commission issued a temporary order effectively shut them down under the premise that the service operating as a taxi service which is regulated by the agency that is better known for regulating energy companies.  According to theAlbuquerque Journal, the PRC ordered Lyft to provide testimony that it isn’t a taxi service by June 2.

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